Training in Breck

I’m currently midway through a bike workout at the Breckenridge Rec Center. This is my second trip to the center. It is is very nice – big pool, indoor running track, lots of equipment and a very nice view of the mountains (see rough pic below).

There are some impressive athletes here, as well. Yesterday, the woman swimming in the lane next to me was wearing an Ironman Louisville swim cap. Today, the guy on the bike next to me has a “M dot” tattoo (Ironman logo). Looks like he’s done a few races.

I can understand why they train in Breck. Beautiful landscapes and healthy lifestyles dominate this ski town. More important to effective training, however, might be the high altitudes and thin air. Training here will undoubtedly condition the lungs and make athletes very efficient with their use of oxygen. I’m convinced the week I spent training at the mile-high plus altitudes of Boulder last August really made a difference in my September Ironman race in Madison (video here and photos here). Where I’m biking now is at least a few thousand feet higher and I can feel the difference.

I’m excited to spend the month here skiing, training and relaxing. I hope to be able to do some long runs and rides outside, and I may throw in some snowshoeing for a little varety.

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