XCD09 – Week Four Recap

It is hard to believe it has been a month since I left Washington. This week, much like last, was spent skiing in Breckenridge, training at the Breck Rec Center and relaxing. As such, this post is largely random thoughts.

This weekend, I’ve been in Boulder. The more I’m here, the more I like it. It is such a healthy city. Going to grab breakfast on Saturday morning, I must have seen 100 or more bikers heading out for a ride in th foothills. The people in the town really respect the riders and drivers give them their space. Triathlon Life magazine noted that there are 18 bike shops in this town of 100,000. That’s a pretty good indicator of just how dedicated Boulderites are to staying healthy. Plus, the vast number of running trails, bike paths and workout facilities makes it very easy to get out to exercise.

Other random thoughts about the week –

Great song that I haven’t heard in awhile (and no, I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy – understand this song is used in the show) – Matt Nathanson’s “Come On Get Higher”

Excellent commercials – Anyone seen the ESPN360.com commercials featuring pitchman Billy Mays? I think they are smart and funny. My favorite is the one about the workplace. “Now my job is way less soul crushing!”

Movie that I’m still indifferent about – Watchmen. Saw it this week. It is long (2 hrs and 43 minutes). The comic book crowd seems to think it was well done. I found it to be interesting at times, but overall flat and emotionless (much like main character Dr. Manhattan). Plus, I spent much of the movie distracted about where I had previously seen the actress who played Silk Spectre II. I didn’t figure out until after the movie that she was in a couple episodes of Entourage a few years back.

Great/entertaining book that I finished this week – Memorial Day by Vince Flynn. His books feature Mitch Rapp, a terrorist hunting CIA super agent and they are always good reads. This one deals with a plot to set off a nuclear bomb in DC. If you haven’t read his books, start with Transfer of Power, which focuses on a terrorist takeover of the West Wing.

It’s been interesting to follow the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin via Twitter. There is a ton of Twittering about it, so I’d say the best updates thus far have come from former BC04 teammate Mindy Finn (@mindyfinn).

Journey on.

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  1. matt nathanson fan Says:

    Great read, thanks for putting it up.