Ironman Switzerland – Final Pre-race Thoughts

In less than 10 hours, I’ll be swimming in the waters of Lake Zurich with over 2,000 triathletes from all over the world. There has been some restless sleep over the past few nights, with all of the concerns about race preparations playing out repeatedly in my head. What will the weather be like? What clothes should I wear? When should I eat? What if the hills on the bike are worse than expected? Should I have brought the lower-geared cassette? Can I finish? Can I finish in the time that I want? How will I meet up after the race with family and friends? Even, how will I celebrate crossing the finish line (assuming I do)?

All of those questions are largely out of my hands and it is now almost time to simply get it done. A good percentage of the race day effort is mental. Deciding you can push on when pain and doubt creep in is almost as important as your swim stroke, pedal cadence or running gate. So, I’m resolved to have fun, take what the day brings, soldier on and do my best.

At last year’s Ironman Wisconsin, I managed to achieve two goals – completing the race and finishing in less than 13 hours. This year, the first goal is the same and the second is to beat last year’s time of 12 hours and 27 minutes (1:13 swim, 6:30 bike, 4:17 run, + transitions and breaks). I think it is achievable, but parts of the bike course are gruesomely hilly. The weather is supposed to coperate, with a high of approximately 70 degrees expected.

I couldn’t have done the Ironman Switzerland and my “Tri for Ned” without the love and support of family and so many friends. So, to all of the cheering section both here in Zurich and back home, a heartfelt thank you.

Note – For updates during the race (begins at 1:00 am ET), you can check out my Twitter page – @scottstanzel, as my brother has agreed to post a few notes during the race. Full report, pictures and video in the coming days.

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