Ironman Chris Lieto

Last night, I stopped by Road Runner Sports in Seattle to listen to world class triathlete Chris Lieto (@chrislieto on Twitter) talk about his experiences at this year’s Ironman Championship in Kona. Chris came in a strong second to defending champ Craig Alexander after setting the pace for most of the race. It was great to hear his insights about how he achieves his goals. Among other things, he suggested to the packed house that athletes use visualization (imagining yourself doing something better/faster) to improve. He also recommended focusing on the positive aspects of your training – meaning, when you have a rough day doing hill repeats or sprints in the pool, focus on what went right and don’t dwell on the negatives. It was great to hear about the Kona experience from such an accomplished athlete and it was also nice to meet him after his talk. He’s gunning for the win at Kona next year, so it’ll be fun to see if he becomes the world champ. For more on Chris, visit and his company – Base Performance.

Thanks to Mark Webb of Road Runner Sports and Teresa Nelson of TN Multisports for putting the event together.

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