Blogging from 33,000 feet

Somewhere about 5.5 miles in the air above Hamilton, Canada – There’s no special subject for this blog post, other than I have wi-fi on my Delta flight (739 from JFK to SEA). It makes this middle seat a bit more bearable. The dude behind me loudly talking about caligraphy and wedding invites is making everything less bearable. This gogo inflight service isn’t cheap – $12.95 for the flight. When I suggested the per flight cost was a little pricy to the Delta folks at the gate peddling the service, they said I could buy a monthly pass for $34. But, that doesn’t make much sense, as you can’t tell when you are booking your ticket if the plane you’ll be on has been outfitted with the service. I have seven flights on Delta this month, but this one may be the only one with wi-fi. You don’t know until you get on the plane, so spending $34 could be a big waste.

Something for the Delta suggestion box: Make it easy to find out via Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak, or the Delta website which planes will have the wi-fi service. You’ll probably see an uptick in purchases.

UPDATE: I’m pleased to report the jury in the mancard revocation hearing for the dude in 23b delivered switft justice. By a vote of jury tweeps @ericearling, @jennburgess95 and @RErakovich, 23b’s mancard was permanently revoked for crimes against dudedom. Thanks to baliff @deltalina for escorting Mr. 23b from the plane. His loud discussion of nanny services and the wedding gift registry did not help his cause and left him without chances for parole.

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