YouTube, Paparazzi and the Power of the Internet

Yesterday, a friend sent me this video of a 6th grader from Oklahoma, Greyson Chance, singing at his school music festival. The kid is really good. The video, which he posted himself, had been watched 36,000 times when I saw it yesterday afternoon.

Today, ABC World News did a story about it. Diane Sawyer said it had been watched 1.3 million times. That was when World News was recorded on the east coast. When I saw it on pacific time, it had been watched 2.1 million times.

As of this posting, the video had now been seen nearly 3.8 million times. Amazing. Check it out.

One of the best parts of the video is the look on the faces of the girls behind him. Also, his two other videos (songs which he wrote) had been viewed just several thousand times yesterday. Today, they were both nearing a half million views.

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