Ironman Canada

I signed up for Ironman Canada this week! After a mildly successful* Ironman Boise 70.3, I decided to take the plunge sign up for the full 140.6 mile race. Ironman Canada has a reputation for being a great race with tremendous support from the community and the rest of the country. For triathletes in the Seattle area, it’s often the first Ironman race they do. And, it’s one that many go back to race numerous times. I’m looking forward to traveling to Penticton, British Columbia, for the race. Penticton is about two hours inland from Vancouver. Here’s a map to give a sense of where Penticton is located (courtesy of Bing Maps, my brother’s project at Microsoft):

*I say “mildly successful” because I had my fastest time in a half distance, but struggled in the race. This year’s Boise 70.3 race provided some really tough weather conditions – 60 degree water, 21 to 26 mph winds on the bike (with about 75% of the course feeling like headwind or severe crosswind) and a warmer than I’m used to temp of 81 degrees on the run. Craig Alexander, last year’s Boise champ and the current Ironman World Champ (Kona winner in 2008 and 2009) had a tough day in Boise, too. He won the race, but his time was 11 minutes slower than his winning time last year – when it rained and hailed throughout the race. After hearing that, I didn’t feel so bad about going slower than planned. Click on the picture below for my results (Note: 1153 total triathletes finished the race and 1229 started. There were 175 finishers in my division – M35-39.) –

Ironman Boise Results - Scott Stanzel




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