Tweets for the week ending on 2010-07-18

  • Nice! Stop at Casey's for a slice? RT @ToneBoneDSM: @scottstanzel just passed sac city on my way to aurelia. hope all is well my nwi brotha! #
  • spoons RT @rorycooper: tambourine RT @EAS211 #ff Members of band The Filibusters @OwenBrennan @Timodc @scottstanzel @SteveHaweeli @brittakay #
  • I'll be on the Dori Monson show on 97.3 KIRO at 1:05 PT re: @defeat1098 & the proposed state income tax. #
  • RT @Defeat1098: NPR: "SEIU Member Under Investigation for I-1098 Signature Fraud" #
  • President George W. Bush's book is now available for pre-order. Get the limited edition! #
  • Don't know who is behind, but they r everywhere. I've seen a tv ad, YouTube overlay, FB ad & echofon app ad today. #
  • Great Seattle night for a run on the Burke-Gilman. 10 miles at a 7:14/mile pace. Today's motivation… #
  • RT @TonyFratto: BP tests cap tomorrow. Most anticipation for a test since Greg bet Marsha she wouldn't beat his score on the driver's test. #
  • RT @Defeat1098: RT @KING5Seattle: Possible signature fraud for income tax initiative I-1098 // #noincometax #
  • RT @Defeat1098: We're very proud to have the support of the @WAFarmBureau: #
  • RT @Defeat1098: RT @secstatewa: SecState probing apparent fraud by I-1098 signature-gatherer. Shouldn't affect measure getting on ballot. #
  • Nice! RT @seungminkim: @scottstanzel this (totally inaccurate) CNN/Money survey seems to agree w u (Ames-9, IA City-68) #
  • In the chair for the #FoxNews hit. Cyclone tie today. #
  • I'll be on #FoxNews this morning at 10:15 ET/7:15 PT to discuss immigration & the Obama Admin lawsuit against AZ. #
  • .@TonyFratto i think @presssec's blame game rhetoric was getting tired, so he had to trot out an alternate reality. #
  • Great weekend celebrating the Kevelighan wedding in VA. Now back in #Seattle enjoying the temperature change & arrival of summer. #
  • Barefoot Bandit caught in Bahamas- (via @seattletimes) #
  • With all of their fancy new equipment & redesigned security checkpoint at Dulles, I think TSA has managed to make the process slower. #
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