Tweets for the week ending on 2010-08-29

  • Boating with @dcuds and @timfry on the Puget Sound. #
  • My post on Red County: New Survey – Initiative 1098 a Disaster for Small Business #
  • RT @Defeat1098: WSW: "eventually the soak-the-rich tax will soak everyone." #noincometax Help by encouraging your tweeps to #ff us! #
  • Washington State Wire: Income Tax Means Roller-Coaster Ride for Washington – #noincometax #
  • "What's in the lockbox?!?!" #BradPittMTPQuotes @EAS211 @stevebeste #
  • "Obama is no messiah. He's a movie of the week. He's a t-shirt, at best." #BradPittMTPQuotes @EAS211 @stevebeste #
  • Good call. RT @EAS211: @scottstanzel @steveneste We need a hashtag for this #BradPittMTPQuotes #
  • Or, from Se7en? "You're no messiah. You're a movie of the week. You're a f'n t-shirt, at best." or "what's in the box?" @EAS211 @stevebeste #
  • As his character from 12 Monkeys or Fight Club, I hope. RT @EAS211: Interesting to see that Brad Pitt is doing Meet The Press Sunday #
  • RT @Defeat1098: WSW: "As Income Tax Heads to Ballot, State Says its Absence is Big Selling Point for Business" #
  • #Seattle sailing at dusk on Lake Union – #
  • RT @rwardIII: .@TonyFratto puts the smackdown on Dan Pfeiffer's prebut of @GOPLeader's speech #
  • New iTunes Store Terms of Service Agreement is 55 pages on the iPhone. Up from 42, I believe. #lawyeroverkill #
  • RT @Defeat1098: gov't employee unions have now given more than $908,000 to the "Yes" camp to establish a state income tax. #
  • As they fight for a state income tax… RT @WashACE: WA Public Employee Unions Hold Out for Extraordinary Compensation #
  • WA state income tax advocates sure know how to elevate the debate… This playbook is worn-out. #
  • US News & World Report: Of the 7 top states in which to start a business, 4 have no state income tax @defeat1098 #
  • That faint hammering on metal sound you've been hearing today? Oh, that's the crew installing anti-jumper cages on the Aurora bridge. eesh. #
  • Watching Fox News Sunday on the DVR. Liked how the addition of @kevinmaddendc almost turned the panel into a rhubarb. #
  • Ride home from airport. Driver rocking smooth jazz. When I tell him I just arrived from Iowa, his 1st Q is why Playboy has a PO box there. #
  • Flying RT @EverymanTri: Chrissie Wellington wins #Ironman 70.3 Timberman in 4:10:11 #
  • RT @EAS211: How not to create a #PR crisis that makes your problem into a nightmare #
  • Beauty of a small airport- from @rmyork2755 home to DSM, through check in & security, grab bfast, wait @ gate, board plane – all in 52 mins. #
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