Top 10 News Outlets for Political Junkies

After a recent speaking engagement, I was asked by the event sponsor to provide my list of 10 recommended news publications for those who are interested in politics.  The group planned to share this list in a follow-up email to members.  The following list is what came to mind.  What have I missed?  What news outlets do you turn to for your information on politics? 

 1)     POLITICO Playbook by Mike Allen.  If you want to know what DC insiders are doing and thinking about, start your day with this tipsheet

2)     Google News.  With apologies to my Bing friends, a customized Google News page is the best way to track topics of particular interest to you. Coupled with Google News Alerts, you’ll have real time intelligence on any subject.

3)     Twitter.  Yes, Twitter is a news channel.  It’s what I check every morning before I read other news. I’ve created a Twitter list of nearly 200 reporters from Washington, DC, Iowa (my home state and a hotbed of presidential politics) and the state of Washington. I’ve also thrown in a few tech reporters for good measure.  These reporters break news via Twitter and their postings give a very clear picture about what will be on the evening news that night and the front pages tomorrow.!/scottstanzel/reporters

4)     POLITICO.  Their skilled reporters continue to break political news stories like no other outlet. They are equal opportunity critics of both parties.

5)     Fox News. My favorite shows are Your World with Neil Cavuto and Special Report with Bret Baier.  Neil puts politics into the perspective of what it means to business.  Bret’s straightforward news show covers DC in deeper fashion than any other evening news program and the panel provides thoughtful insights (thanks to my favorites Charles Krauthammer and Stephen Hayes) that can’t be found elsewhere.

6)     The Seattle Times.  It still guides broadcast reporting in the Evergreen State, as local TV and radio reporters use it to shape their reporting.

7)     ABC NewsThe team at ABC does the best and most balanced reporting of the three networks.  Their DC reporting flows out through all of their television, radio and Internet properties.

8)     Drudge Report.  Still serves as the shadow assignment editor for reporters around the country.

9)     The Washington Post.  Though the quality of work has slipped in recent years, this paper still does the most thorough policy reporting of the DC-focused daily publications and shapes the coverage of the Beltway broadcast reporters.

10)  The Wall Street Journal.  The editorial writing of the newspaper with the largest circulation in the United States should not be missed.  It has influence in New York, DC and everywhere else across the country (see: “The Gates of Confiscation,” which reshaped the Washington State income tax fight.)

Begrudging Bonus Suggestion:  The New York Times – Know your enemy.  The editorial page often reads like the rants of a DNC intern and is nearly as reliably/predictably liberal.

UPDATE:  After posting the list, an Iowa friend noted RealClearPolitics to me.  It’s a must for information on polling and links to great commentary.  It should’ve been on my list.

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