POLITICO Arena – Two-Week Budgets?

Below is my response to today’s POLITICO Arena question: “Are two-week budgets the new normal?”

Scott Stanzel
Pres., Stanzel Communications, former Dpty. WH Press Secretary :

Despite having control of the House, Senate and White House last year, Democrats in Washington failed to produce a budget. Making initial progress on cutting federal spending by passing two-week extensions of the current budget is a logical way for Republicans to put pressure on President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and other congressional Democrats.

With each fortnight, Republicans have an opportunity to demonstrate to the country that they are serious about trying to put our fiscal house in order and have heeded the clear message of the 2010 election. Democrats will be on the defensive when President Obama and his allies defend the status quo while the public learns that it is quite possible to make significant cuts to federal spending.

In the long term, we would all be better served if Congress adopted a two-year budget cycle. That way, members of Congress could spend the year after an election addressing the spending priorities of the federal government. This would result in more certainty in planning for necessary programs. The following year could then be dedicated to conducting oversight of the bureaucracy and addressing other critical policy issues.

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