POLITICO Arena – Birthers or Truthers

Last Thursday, the POLITICO Arena question of the day was, “Birthers or Truthers – Which is worse?” It’s a question that bothers me, as if there is any comparison between the two. Below is my response, which you can also see here on POLITICO and cross-posted at Red County.

I live in Seattle, where encountering someone from the loony left is a common occurrence. Last year in the span of just a few days, I had two people ask me if, given my service as President George W. Bush’s deputy press secretary, I was “in on it” (Sept. 11) or if I knew my boss had “planned the whole thing.” After politely asking what color the sky was in their world, I disengaged from the conversations. I couldn’t help but wonder if these two otherwise seemingly normal people knew they were suggesting I was complicit in the slaughter of nearly 3,000 innocent Americans.

The very idea that the birther conspiracy could be compared to that of the truthers is deplorable. One group’s crazy idea is that the current president wasn’t eligible to hold the office because of his birthplace. The other’s belief is that the former president was a mass murderer. One theory is laughable. The other is despicable.

If Terry McAuliffe or Howard Dean (DNC chairs during President Bush’s two terms) issued statements disavowing the truther conspiracy of their fringe, I’m not aware of them. Republican leaders like RNC chairman Reince Priebus, Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Gov. Mitt Romney have been very responsible in putting the birther idea in its place. Maybe that’s because the mainstream media is more prone to tar the entire right side of the political spectrum with the faulty ideas of a few, while the same reporters give leaders of the left a pass on answering for the hateful theorists in their ranks.

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