Des Moines Register – Iowans in DC on Sept. 11 relieved

Philip Brasher, DC reporter for The Des Moines Register, caught up with a number of Iowans who were in the Nation’s capital on September 11, 2001, to get reaction to the Navy Seals’ successful operation to bring justice to Osama bin Laden. Below are my comments in the story. The whole story can be read here.

Other Iowans who also were in Washington on Sept. 11 expressed similar sentiments at hearing the news.

“Hopefully that provides a little bit of relief to the families of those who were lost on that day,” said Scott Stanzel, who grew up in Sac City and was a 28-year-old staffer in the White House press office in 2001.

Stanzel was evacuated to an office building away from the White House on Sept. 11 when the Secret Service feared the White House itself was about to be hit. Stanzel wound up working late into the evening assisting then-press secretary Ari Fleischer after he arrived back in Washington with President George W. Bush.

“Having worked there at the White House, I knew it was something that security officials and the intelligence agencies focused on every day,” Stanzel said of bin Laden having been found and killed. Stanzel now lives in Seattle and runs his own public relations business.

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